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Products and Solutions

Liacom Systems provides its customers with a set of unique products that allows them to easily and efficiently protect the organizational entire digital infrastructure.

Portable cyber forensics system

Honeypots and desception system

Organizational cyber awareness system

Mobile Forensics Lab – Liacom’s CyberCase is a portable cyber forensics device that connects to the network, easily plugged into the monitoring port or to a physical tap, and acts as an invisible layer seamlessly collecting real-time data, ensuring detection of threats and unfamiliar activity.

CyberCase mirrors the entire communication flow in real time and analyzes the data. It provides complete network visibility and even find traces the attacker attempted to clean.

Simple and easy to use PCAP reliable collection and analysis.

CyberCase starts operating immediately while enabling organizations to continue without disturbing their operations, knowing that their network is secured and stable. 

Unique portable case including all required appliances for data collection and analysis.

CyberCase allows organizations and critical infrastructure facilities to easily record all of IT and OT network activity and conduct swift forensic investigations, perform proactive Incident Response and resolve breaches. 

CyberCase allows to analize the data and get instant visibility to entire sessions, enabling the investigator to retrace & rebuild the sites in which the target visited, as well as the entire emailing, chats and even video files which can be viewed directly using CyberCase interface. In addition, CyberCase provides information about the interconnectivity (IP addresses) of the data flow (origins and destinations).

Security investigation made easy

Portable network analysis solution that enable first responders, CERTs, regulators and forensics teams to provide instant on-site threats mapping

Use cases

  • Incident response in continues cyber events
  • Forensic investigation after cyber attack
  • Hunting – enable hunting by network data gathering
  • Cyber sensor for remote sites and less managed netowrks
  • Continuing network traffic recording for legal or cyber security purpose
  • Penetration Tests (PT) assistant tool
  • Intervention response
  • Training & education on cyber defense and forensic activities
  • Out of band reliable network cyber analysis (transparent to the attacker)
  • Generation of raw network data to centerlized BigData pool for nachine learning & correlation analysis

In today’s world everybody is talking about security, but it’s really hard to tell whether any attackers really exist in your network

Rather than creating a passive honeypot and waiting for attacks, CyberBait, developed by Liacom, is a comprehensive deception system mirrors the organization or parts of it and spreads traps all over the real digital assets or in parallel to it.

CyberBait gives a profound knowledge of attackers inside your organization, by discovering and learning the behavior of spies, hackers & malwares.

CyberBait creates a real “Attack Surface” which allows the customer to mislead the attacker and provides the ability to follow his activities and protect the real assets.

CyberBait covers almost any unit for IT and OT/IoT environments.

Open Port



Scada PLC & HMI



Auto-created tables




Web page


Full environment imitation

Full system deception





BeAware is a set of tools aims to help improve organization’s employees’ awareness of cyber attacks by many means – E-mails, scripts, exe, browser macros, etc..

BeAware includes attacks simulations, online training and tests, attacks demonstration and employee response evaluation.

BeAware includes a user-friendly management interface that allows cyber security team to customize the training tests to each employee, assess their responses and track their success, and provides an employees feedback interface.

Liacom solutions provide customers with effective tools for dealing with cyber threats while improving the level of protection of the organization both in the technological environment and of the organization and human resources.

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