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Consulting & program management

Liacom Systems provides professional consulting services for all ICT (Information & Communications Technologies) and cyber security areas. These consulting services cover a wide range of expertise areas such as all aspects of communications and networking, radio, command and control systems, active and passive infrastructure, IT, cloud computing and others.

Licom systems’ expertise has been gained during leading major programs and projects of cyber security and ICT which includes many vertical areas of specialties.

Liacom Systems has extensive experience and knowledge in leading and carrying out complex and heterogonous projects, thanks to a unique methodology that Liacom has developed, which allows it to streamline the process and maximize its efficiency.

This holistic methodology includes all activities, from the initiation of the project or program – define the requirements, the bidding/acquisition process (where required), the evaluation stages, financial estimate and budget planning, to the design stages, the actual development and implementation, and of course – a successful integration of the systems and full execution of the project.

Liacom Systems provides its customers with skilled engineers who assist the customer to evaluate, prepare, plan, implement and use efficiently all the technologies that have been implemented. Throughout the process, the company works alongside the customer to ensure the success of the implementation of heterogeneous, multidisciplinary and complex and large-scale projects.

Liacom supports all stages of project management through joint work with the customer until it is completed successfully, to the customer’s satisfaction.

ICT strategy

Liacom Systems leads detailed analysis of its customer’s organizational situation – internal ICT processes and technological infrastructure, organizational structure and human resources, defines a strategy and a standardization plan for internal, centralized or outsourced ICT processes. As part of the strategy definition, Liacom sets out communication plan, project execution plan, outsourced service design, and leading the negotiation with providers and contract for the provision of services.  

Project life-cycle management

Liacom systems has extensive experience in leading the entire life cycle of complex, cross-organizational projects, while focusing on the systematic progress of all project processes, from the initial stages of defining the requirements and subsequently – managing all procurement, design, implementation, testing and commissioning processes.

System engineering

design, plan and engineer system’s functional and physical requirements, starting from defining the system or program objectives up to its fully operational and integration. Liacom systems’ engineering services include the design of every specific component that must be acquired or developed to perform the required functions.

IT services

Liacom systems provides services for all aspects of the customers’ Information Technology such as business requirements definition, system analysis, system architecture planning, system development and of course – ongoing support.

Digital transformation

Liacom systems assists the process of moving to digital environment and implement advances digital technologies which improves the customer’s business models and provide high added values and new opportunities.

Cloud computing

Liacom systems defines and plans cloud solutions and services including transformation processes to the on-demand access to the cloud computing resources (applications, physical and virtual servers, data storage, development tools, networking capabilities, and more).

ICT Infrastructure

design, implement and verify IT and network infrastructure (active and passive), including data centers, software and hardware infrastructure.

A typical procurement project management

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