Full range of professional services are provided, including:

  • Design, engineering and implementation of large multidisciplinary systems and networks over their entire life cycle.
  • ICT Master plans.
  • ICT Strategic consultancy.
  • Requirements definitions,
  • Procurement process – RFP/RFI preparations, evaluation and selection of  proposals.
  • Integration of complex systems in heterogeneous environments.
  • Development of applications and infrastructure in technological environments.

Liacom Systems possesses a large pool of professional employees in various technological arenas with vast experience in telecommunications, data security, DRP/BCP, OSS & BSS, C4I, C&C and IT as well as Project Managers, Systems Analysts, Programmers and Application Experts in diverse  areas.

Technology Consultancy

Liacom Systems supplies the following consultancy services:
  • Strategic Consultancy.
  • Management Consultancy.
  • Technological Consultancy.
  • System Integration.
  • Software Development.
  • Outsourcing.

Project Management

Liacom Systems provides services for our customers in project management including methods, practices, techniques, and tools.
Project Management focuses on the concepts and principles required to plan and implement a…

Project Life Cycle Support

Liacom Systems has the experience and know-how to conduct complex and heterogonous projects.
We have developed a methodology that enables us to improve the process.
The activities are focused on…


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Software Development

Full range of professional services are provided, including:
  • Participation in the process of establishing and implementing large systems and networks, over the entire life cycle.
  • Telecom/Datacom and IT Master plans.