Transportation Technology

Liacom Systems has been involved in implementing and designing  systems for  airports, airlines, trains and other means of transportation .

Liacom Systems has comprehensive know-how and hands-on experience in operational, communication and IT infrastructures in modern airports and railways.

The company was involved in the process of constructing  Ben-Gurion 2000 networks and IT infrastructures alongside   the older existing airport in Israel.

The Airport Multi-service Network

Our activities include multi-service campus network design to support all aspects of the following:

  • Campus networking and terminal interconnection  Specifcation, design and implementation of   modern networks that provide services to the operational and commercial goals of the airport.
  • Display systems – General displays, check-in, self-service terminals, including interfacing, networking and electrical design.
  • Flight information display systems (FIDS).
  • Way-Finding systems – indoors and outdoors.
  • AFTN (Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network) and meteorological systems.
  • Flight information management systems (FIMS).
  • Analysis of  commercial potential for IT and networking services at the airport.
  • Cute system.

All the above areas involve multidisciplinary capabilities demonstrated by Liacom Systems, with an emphasis on knowledge in IT and Communications