Liacom Systems possesses vast, proven experience in the design and  implementation of DRP and BCP processes for large organizations. The company specializes in defining and implementing  backup and recovery models.

Specialization Domains and Deliverables

Below are the activities that Liacom Systems provides in the course  of implementing DRP and BCP processes.

  • Project management – based on a extensive  experience in managing large and complex projects in various areas of the IT industry, including DRP projects.
  • Scope definition, assumptions and milestones  Precise definition of the scope of  DRP projects and  milestones.
  • Planning  of all phases of implementation, including–e:
    • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) – Sustaining an organization’s business functions.
    • Business Recovery Plan (BRP) – Restoration of business processes after an emergency.
    • Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) – Restoring an organization’s essential functions.
    • IT Contingency Plan – Continuity of support for general  systems and major applications.
    • Crisis Communication Plan – Internal and external communications procedures.
    • Cyber Incident Response Plan – Procedures for  addressing cyber attacks .
    • Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) – Restoration of  operational ability after a catastrophic event.
    • Occupant Emergency Plan – Response procedures for occupants of a facility.
  • Preparation of strategic plan and tasks –Prioritization with pre-defined timetable for recovery .
  • Analysis of Business Influences – Analysis of  operational methods and organizational approach..
  • Risk analysis and  management –All aspects related to security, their interrelations and  potential risks are  assessed in order to define DRP/BCP policy and formulate recommendations.
  • Recovery strategy – Development of a e recovey plan for hardware and operating systems, storage, communications, data security, control and operation, applications, facilities and branches, critical functions and business flows as  identified during the analysis phase.
  • Backup and recovery procedures review – In oder to assure  complience of  backup procedures with long term activities of the organization.
  • Development of recovery plan – Development of  a comprehensive recovery plan in close cooperation with the client in order to reach the optimal solution.
  • Plan maintenance – Assist the organization in  renewing and maintaining plans.
  • Periodic audit and testing – Perform periodic testing  of the recovery plan in order to assure proper operation during emergency situations .

Liacom Systems provides a variety of services for performing structured periodic DRP/BCP audits