Liacom Systems has special  expertise in networking and communications (telecommunications and data communications) for large organizations and service providers operating in complex, heterogeneous environments.

Liacom Systems   provides a range of  services to diverse  market segments such as telecom service providers, cellular providers, government offices, , airport authorities, military and other large enterprises. We have proven  experience in Mission Critical Networks.

Liacom Systems employs a methodology based on supervision of all stages of a project’s life cycle, beginning with requirement definition and specifications,  through the design of architectural and engineering solutions  and ,finally,   implementation of  the network.

Liacom Systems’ unique expertise is in the design, analysis and implementation of  Internet/intranet applications, services and networks.

Liacom Systems  specializes  in the design and development of  very complex networks and services, including  all phases of the processes: architecture, technology, security, integration of dynamic sources, middleware tools, GUI and communications. Liacom Systems has knowledge and experience with a variety of development environments and tools.

Liacom Systems  heads the Israeli Standards Committee for Computation (SII – The Standard Institute of Israel) and participates in SII in T-ITU, Internet (IETF), ISO, IEEE, TMF.

Communication Consulting

  • Design, specify and define requirements for networks
  • Leading & guidance of processes of implementing communications networks
  • Network architecture conceptualization , planning and engineering
  • Cost performance considerations and analysis
  • Network management concept and technologies
  • Performance and fault analysis in networks

Data Communications Technology

  • Network architectures (TCP/IP, VoIP, RoIP, SNA, ATM, etc.)
  • Local area and large campus networks
  • Wide area networks (Routers, Switching Systems, IP, Multiplexing, Voice and Data integration, ATM, etc.)
  • Wireless networks (WiFi, WiMax, RF, Cellular)
  • Heterogenous networks

Telecom Management, Command and Control Systems (OSS)

  • Solutions for all aspects of management systems.
  • Emphasis on comprehensive management approach including:
    • Service management, fulfillment, assurance and billing.
    • Covering all areas with FAB models and FCAPS functions.
    • Customer care application.
  • Emphasis on telecommunication management systems.
  • Definition, identification and analysis  of  organizational needs and technical aspects of constructing, operating and maintaining  communication networks.
  • Integration and implementation of complex management systems
  • Consultation and analysis of distributed management environments based on messaging middleware and distributed objects (including CORBA based applications, TMF, SNMP, etc.).
  • Management of distributed systems.
  • Development of management systems based on Corba, Java and SNMP.

Telecom Solutions

  • Overall strategic consultation to Telco’s (Technological, Managerial, Operational and Marketing)
  • Traditional, IP and broadband access technologies.
  • Design and analysis of advanced telecom systems, including: Network Management, IP Switching, NGN, Control, ISDN, SDH/SONET, ATM, SS#7, etc.
  • Design of network backbones  based on various technologies including IP, ATM, etc.
  • Design of access networks, campus and LAN networks.
  • Design and implementation of services for providers.

Advanced Internet/Intranet Services

  •  Employment of advanced network applications, including Internet/intranet technologies, B2B, multimedia, message switching, etc.
  • Distributed network applications utilizing distributed objects, middleware, etc.
  • E-commerce applications.

Internet/Intranet Consulting

  • Analyis of  enterprise requirements and definition of Internet solutions
  • Technological aspects of implementation
  • Data security for  connection to external networks
  • Inter-organization integration
  • Integration with legacy environments
  • Distributed and multi-tier solutions
  • Definition   and development of E-solutions (E-services, E-commerce, etc.)
  • Middleware solutions and integration.