C4I – Command, Control, Communication, Computers and Intelligence

Information Warfare

Liacom Systems is a leading consultation company in the area of information operations and information warfare. Liacom  provides comprehensive services to both integrators and defense forces. Liacom Systems has participated in  major defense technology projects  in Israel and  abroad.

We  provide planning, engineering and implementation services in the area of defense systems with an emphasis on communications command and control systems, tactical communications and systems integration.

Liacom Systems has achieved recognition as a specialist in sophisticated defense communication and command and control systems. The modern techniques and skilled staff enables Liacom Systems to achieve the highest quality of C4I systems and cope with the global revolution in military affairs.

Areas of Involvement

  • Utilization of COTS technology for C4I implementation (IP, VoIP, RoIP, monitoring, etc.)
  • Communication systems
  • Security systems
  • Emergency management information systems
  • Tactical data links
  • Army tactical command support systems
  • C4I systems
  • Strategic, project and procurement management
  • Systems integration

Military Networks

Liacom Systems has been involved in  building a variety of fixed and tactical military networks. These networks  provide comprehensive services ranging from the strategic command level, and down to division and brigade level networks with squad level elements.  Liacom Systems has experience with VOIP and PSTN, ROIP, video and data distribution, wireless networks (IP, ATM), cellular, satellite communication, in conjunction with military standards.

Some of the network characteristics include:

  • High survivability, redundancy and availability – Compliance with military standards, use of multiple redundant equipment and routes, etc.
  • Security – Implementation of strong encryption, physical security, access control, strong audit, information security measures and anti-hacking measures.
  • Physical separation – EMI (Electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference).

C4 I Systems

Liacom Systems is a leader  in the design and implementation of network management solutions for the civilian as well as military sectors. Liacom Systems is involved in many projects for the air force as well as for the signal core in command and control systems.

Characteristics include:

  • Integration with operational systems.
  • Redundant command centers – for high redundancy and availability.
  • Contingency plans – Enable commanders to rapidly shift from routine to alert status, compensate for damage to the network and provide support for mobile forces.

Liacom Systems is involved in designing and building next generation battlefield C4I systems. Such systems translate directly to a force multiplier as the military unit becomes more efficient and powerful. The technologies  being integrated include,  platforms and communications means, GPS, GIS and more.

Command & Control of Radio Equipment

Liacom  Systems is involved in planning, designing and implementing   a national system for the command and  control of radio equipment. This system features advanced capabilities such as distributed control with sophisticated allocation algorithms. The system provides multimedia services for data, voice and video. Liacom Systems has implemented systems for C4I applications controlling tactical radios. These applications employ a variety of technologies for a variety of environments (PDAs, tactical computers, etc.).

Next Generation Technologies & Devices

Liacom Systems has been involved in several cutting edge projects dealing with next generation technologies and devices.

The following are a small sample of the technologies:

  • Ruggedised PDAs.
  • Wearable computers.
  • Advanced display systems – 3D, flexible LCD, outdoors.
  • Mobile and ruggedised scanners and printers.
  • Advanced command interfaces – Simplified keyboards, holographic keyboards, voice recognition and touch-screens.