Liacom Systems’  expertise is  in diverse, advanced, technology-based systems and applications. The company specializes in the technologies, their design and their integration.

  • Communications (Datacom/Telecom)
  • Networking – Fixed, Wireless and Cellular, VoIP, IPTel, IP Networking, RoIP, RF, Ad-hoc
  • OSS/Network Management
  • Regulation
  • Internet Solutions and Services
  • Banking and Financial Systems
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Information and Network Security
  • Electronic Document Management Solutions
  • Billing
  • Customer Care, CRM , Call Centers (BSS)
  • Help Desk & Support Systems
  • C4I
  • Information Warfare
  • Emergency Systems (EMIS)
  • Economic Analysis
  • Real Time Systems
  • Open systems (.NET, Java)
  • Middleware

For all the above, we also  provide marketing, economic and operational plans and evaluation .


Liacom Systems has special  expertise in networking and communications (telecommunications and data communications) for large organizations and service providers operating in complex, heterogeneous environments. Liacom Systems   provides a range of …


Liacom Systems possesses vast, proven experience in the design and  implementation of DRP and BCP processes for large organizations. The company specializes in defining and implementing  backup and recovery models.…

Information Security

Since its foundation in 1994, Liacom Systems has acquired a  thorough knowledge base in the field of information and communication security. Our expertise is based on a wealth of  practical…

Banking and Financial Systems

Liacom Systems  has extensive experience with  banking and financial systems and operations.  Members of our team bring vast experience in the area of banking applications and banking technology. We are…

Business Services

Liacom Systems  specializes in  the design, analysis, integration and construction of contact/call centers. Our approach combines different technological areas with an overall view of  business requirements. Liacom Systems’ concept of…

C4I – Command, Control, Communication, Computers and Intelligence

Information Warfare Liacom Systems is a leading consultation company in the area of information operations and information warfare. Liacom  provides comprehensive services to both integrators and defense forces. Liacom Systems

Contact Center/CRM Consulting

  • Analysis of  business requirements and identification of the  contact center/CRM business  solutions
  • Technological aspects of implementation (IP Telephony and traditional PBX)
  • Development of specially required components
  • Inter-organizational  integration
  • Integration within

Transportation Technology

Liacom Systems has been involved in implementing and designing  systems for  airports, airlines, trains and other means of transportation . Liacom Systems has comprehensive know-how and hands-on experience in operational,…

Homeland Security

Liacom Systems is involved in leading Communications and IT consulting in the ICT market for more than 17 years employing over 120 senior consultants. The company’s activities focus on providing…