Liacom Systems has been  involved in leading communications and IT projects as consultants and implementors  since 1994. The company’s activities cover the full range of  professional services in all aspects of telecommunications and IT, including:::::

  • Systems engineering
  • Development of strategy
  • Master plan preparation
  • Economic analysis
  • Regulatory guidance
  • Specifications
  • Marketing aspects and evaluations
  • Requirement definitions
  • Systems development and implementation of large networks
  • RFPs
  • Evaluation

Liacom’s  110 senior consultants have extensive technical and operational  knowledge and provide comprehensive consultation services  for various technologies including:

  • Networking: including Wireline, Wireless, Cellular, VoIP, RoIP, IPTV, Telephony, Internet, and RF
  • Data security
  • Command & control
  • Display systems
  • C4I

Our Vision

Liacom Systems is a professional advisory firm whose aim is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of its clients. The firm provides high end consulting services.
Liacom Systems has made a long-term commitment as the leading professional advisory firm of choice for our clients.

Quality, flexibility, responsiveness have earned Liacom Systems an excellent position in the industry.
Most of Liacom Systems work is for medium and large organizations clients from the telecom, commercial and public services sectors.

Liacom Systems has completed projects ranging from designing and implementing large scale communication networks,
developing individual software components and sub-systems, up to design and developing multi-user internet based multi tier application systems.

All projects are performed while placing emphasis on meeting the client’s present and future business needs.

Liacom Systems consultants are highly qualified ICT professionals having extensive practical experience in a variety of advanced technologies,
hardware and software environments. The company is committed to ongoing new technology training and skill development, in order to keep us up to date with the latest trend in the technology world.

Liacom Systems delivers professional services and innovation solutions to clients in a broad range of technological areas.

Liacom provides End-to-End personalized service for the entire life cycle of projects and services